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White Powder

Product Offerings


We offer concentrated cultures up to 1.00E+12 CFU/g, with many at or above 5.00E+11 CFU/g.

Specialty Biologicals

We provide pre-formulated, researched, and efficacious blends to accomplish your specific goals and start off further along in the R&D process.

Bulk Cultures

We provide single cultures in bulk from 1.00E+9 CFU/g to 1.00E+11 CFU/g or higher.

Contract Fermentation

We are able to have your specific strain grown or use on of our own in full scale commercial fermentations.


We provide customized blends of multiple cultures and other complimentary ingredients to meet your specific needs.

Finished Products

We provide full service, from sourcing, blending, product packaging, and even drop shipping.


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