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MicroSynergies ® Finished Products Capabilities

Because we work with a dynamic group of product manufacturers, we're able to offer some unique delivery forms, including:

  • Human Dietary Supplements

    • Capsules​

    • Chewables

    • Melts

    • Tablets

    • Powders

  • Companion Animal Products

    • Gels​

    • Powders

    • Chewables

  • Agricultural & Everything Else

    • Powders​

    • Liquids

    • Concentrates

    • Mixes

    • Dissolving Packets

For additional information on MicroSynergies®  cultures, products, and contract fermentation, please contact us.

About Our Finished Products Capabilities


MicroSynergies® has helped make finished products for our customers for over 10 years through:

  • Competitive products research

  • Formulation and formula recommendations

  • Pathogen and metabolite analysis

  • Microbial ingredients sourcing

  • Product delivery recommendations

  • Packaging analysis and recommendations

  • Competitive manufacturer analysis

  • Organic certification path guidance

  • Label recommendations

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